Mundo Cafe & Restaurant

Mundo Cafe & Restaurant 31-18 E Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106
Phone:(718) 777-2829


With a diversity of dining venues, Astoria has emerged as one of the hottest spots in New York to find delicious, exotic foods at reasonable prices. Now, just off Broadway and 32nd Street, a charming, cozy, new restaurant has caught the attention of locals and hopes to make its mark: Mundo Café and Restaurant.Mundo (meaning "world" in Spanish and Portuguese) truly lives up to its name with dishes from all over the world —Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. The choices offered on the menu were not arbitrarily picked; co-owners Guillermo Lucerofabbi ("Willie") and Canalp Caner ("John") were tired of having to hop from restaurant to restaurant in search of their favorite dishes, as no "one" place could fully satisfy their international cravings. Thus, they decided that the best way to remedy this situation was to create a domain where a diversity of tastes and cuisines would be served under the same roof. In more ways than one, each dish has a special history.John, the chef, who hails from Turkey, uses many of his mother's recipes. He enjoys leaving the kitchen every now and then to greet his guests. You can see the sense of joy and pride in his eyes when he talks about his food, because in many ways, he is carrying on a family culinary legacy in sharing his favorite dishes through this restaurant.John and Willy are quick to point out that only the freshest ingredients go into everything they serve.This superior cuisine is not the only aspect of the restaurant to admire. Willy and John decorated the place themselves; the walls are covered in sage, the linen tablecloths are straight from Turkey, floral paintings made by artistic friends all over the walls, and world music playing in the background, making an intimate ambiance. Mundo Café and Restaurant makes you feel like you are at Willie and John's apartment enjoying a delicious meal over stimulating conversations in an exceptionally inviting space.


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